Corner Hammocks

Pringle in a corner hammock

Corner Hammocks are made from two layers of fleece and have three plastic clips to attach the hammock to the cage. I chose to use plastic rather than metal, which can be found on other hammocks as it is much kinder to washing machines.

These hammocks, like my other items, are made inside out so there are no open seams.¬† You can request two different fleeces if you would like a reversable hammock. I’ve found that my own guinea pigs like to lay under them as well as on top, they do provide a nice hidey place in the corner of a cage. Baby guinea pigs love to use them like a trampoline!

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Pink Spot Hammock

Black Multi Spot Hammock

Pink Polka Hammock

Grass Stripe Hammock

Ladybird Hammock

Citrus Spot Hammock

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