Snuggle ‘n’ Snooze Sack

Double Fleece

Snuggle ‘n’ Snooze Sacks are lovely little sleeping/hiding house for your pet guinea pig, & other small animals.

As well a sleeping sack it is also ideal for carrying you piggy safely and securely, from indoor cage to outdoor run, or from outdoor hutch to indoors for floor time, especially if they are young and not yet used to being handled, it also makes carrying two piggies at once much easier. Guinea pigs love fleece, and they also love feeling safe and secure. In their natural habitat guinea pigs hide in caves, so the Snuggle ‘n’ Snooze Sack creates a perfect secure hiding place to keep your cavy cosy! The entrance is reinforced with a plastic strip (fully concealed) and will stay open for your guinea pig to pop in and out as he/she pleases. It has no open seams and all materials used are completely safe for guinea pigs. It is machine washable at 30 degrees but should not be tumble dried.(Although I do occasionally tumble dry mine on a low heat setting and they have been fine….so at your own risk!) Snuggle ‘n’ Snooze Sack are available in a variety of sizes and fabrics, Shop for Snuggle ‘n’ Snooze Sacks in the online shop

Hedgehog Snuggle 'n' Snooze Sack


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